Glenn Danzig is 60 years old and as spry as ever! In what I'm guessing was nothing more than a typical Saturday for the legendary frontman, ol' Evil Elvis took a fan's phone away during the band's set on July 11 in Pomona, California and then later put a headlock on the same dude when he tried to get on their tour bus with his camera.

The thing is, the "victim", Navid Farsi, is known for pushing the boundaries to get attention while in the presence of a celebrity. He was arrested in May for throwing powdered sugar at Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. According to TMZ, he was not arrested for the incident with Danzig, but I'll bet a dollar to a donut he doesn't make the same mistake with my favorite brick-throwing, cat-loving mofo.

Danzig's current tour makes a stop in Dallas tomorrow night (7/17) at Southside Ballroom, but you might wanna leave your phone in your pocket, or else you just might get choked out.