Not only did Dallas make the top spot on the list of cities with the most annoying neighbors, but every major city in Texas also made the list.

A new survey from Improvenet polled people in over two dozen major cities to find the one with the most irritating neighbors. Congratulations, Dallas! You're number one! But don't go bragging about our other cities too much. Austin came in at number three, Houston at number nine and San Antonio at number fourteen. No major city in Texas is safe.

The poll consisted of 36 different categories for neighbor annoyance. For this, we'll focus on the ones that Texas lead the country in.

First up loud music, if I had to guess, I would say Austin. After all, they call themselves the live music capital of the world. Shockingly, Houston was named the worst city in the country for neighbors who play loud music. Houston also comes in second in the country for loud parties. San Antonio also is not safe from the loudness factor. They were named worst in the country for having loud kids for your neighbors and also for having their televisions too loud.

Noise isn't everything with an annoying neighbor. How about their pets? Austin was named the worst in the country for having aggressive dogs. Austin is also second in the country for your neighbor to cause property damage to your home. Austin may be first on the aggressive side of the pets, but the smell is also a factor in this survey. San Antonio is number one and Houston is number two for having the smelliest pets. Congrats?

It's Texas after all and we like to grill. No shock that the smoke from grills can be annoying to some. Austin came in at number one for annoying smoke from grills and Dallas is at number two.

Austin apparently has a lot of neighbors that will obstruct your beautiful view in your neighborhood and keep up their holiday decorations too long. Dallas is second on the holiday decorations annoyance list.

How about those annoying yard signs? Congrats Austin, second in the county. Also looks like a lot of people in Austin are stealing newspapers from their neighbors.

I thought this survey was hilarious. Be sure to check out the full results. My favorite category: loud sex. That went to Minneapolis at number one and New York at number two. I now need to visit Minnesota to confirm these survey results.

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