The Dallas Cowboys wear their white jerseys whenever they can. The Giants are forcing them to wear blue this Sunday and the Boys are going to mix it up a bit.

I remember watching a documentary a few years ago on the Cowboys and the white uniforms came up in it. I can't remember exactly who said it, but they said if a team forces the Cowboys to not wear their white jerseys, that team is scared. You're trying to somehow throw the Cowboys off their game since they always wear white.

The home team decides what uniforms the opposing team will wear. The Cowboys always decide to wear their white jerseys at home. They have worn blue at home one time during Thanksgiving a few years ago when the NFL banned throwback helmets. Some teams throughout the years have decided to mix it up ONLY against the Cowboys and wear their white road uniforms at home. The Buccaneers and Panthers are notorious for doing this against the Cowboys.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys
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The Giants have decided to wear their color rush white uniforms on Sunday. Guess the Giants are scared. Then again, they have two wins this season. They probably are scared. This means the Cowboys will be wearing their blue jerseys in the Giants home stadium. Yes, the Giants whose home jersey is freaking BLUE. Idiots!

Anyway, the Cowboys have decided to try something new for the first time ever. They will wear the blue jerseys with the color rush white pants. Many players have tried to convince Jerry Jones to switch to these pants because they look better. Can't wait to check it out Sunday.

I personally would love to see an all blue inform from the Boys. Also, I would like to see the color rush white become our permanent jersey. I think our white jersey is so boring and basic. I get that it's Cowboys history that jersey. It needs to have the blue stars on it is all I am asking. No more blue stripes.

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