You can donate your hair to amazing organizations that can give it to people that have lost their hair to unfortunate diseases. One member of the Cowboys decided to help out that amazing cause this week.

I have had the same buzz haircut since I was four years old. Don't really have enough hair to be able to support one of these amazing causes. One of the most popular of the groups is Locks of Love. If you got the length of hair to donate, its simple and a great way to help someone out.

Defensive tackle Nick Hayden decided to help out Children with Hair loss. "Some kid needs it for Christmas more than I do," Hayden said Wednesday while sporting a clean-cut look in the Cowboys' Valley Ranch locker room.

"Me and my wife have been looking around, just seeing where I can donate it. I knew I was going to do it, just didn't know when. I just thought Christmas was an appropriate time for it."

Hayden said he plans to grow his hair out again, but not as long as he had it before his donation. In the meantime, he said he's enjoying being more aerodynamic on top. "It's kind of nice. I kind of feel faster out there without it," Hayden said. "We'll see if it helps at all, but I could tell my helmet was a little loose today."

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