At this point, I am like a kid on Christmas waiting for this kickoff. 

Since Newstalk 1290 is your official radio home of the Dallas Cowboys, I am going to be doing one of these posts every week of some fun facts to expect in every game. You probably know Ezekiel Elliot is a go for Sunday, but his six game suspension will take effect the following week. We will keep an eye on that because we all know it is not over.

The Cowboys open at home again with the New York Giants. The past three years, the Dallas Cowboys have opened AT&T Stadium with the Giants. If it ain't broke don't fix it is the mentality for the guy making the NFL schedule. Last year the Giants were the Dallas Cowboys Achille's heel. Losing only three games last season and two of them were to the Giants. The third was the final regular season game to the Redskins, where a bunch of the starters weren't even playing.

If you feel like the Giants have the Cowboys number at one point in time, the Cowboys longest winning streak against a single opponent was the Giants. The Cowboys longest win streak in the series is 12 games from 1974-80. The record was eventually beaten out by the Cardinals. From 1990-96 the Cowboys won thirteen straight against the Cardinals.

If you know Dallas Cowboys history, you may know they have some of the worst teams in NFL history. Especially that first year in the NFL. That 1960 team is considered one of the worst. They didn't win a single game, but they did tie the New York Giants that season. Making it the only time the Cowboys didn't lose in 1960. So suck it Giants, you didn't win. The game ended with a score of 31-31.

We all remember the Dallas Cowboys playoff games, but did you know the Boys only faced the Giants once? 2007 divisional round, where the Cowboys were the favorites. Giants won and would go on to win the Super Bowl that year against the undefeated Patriots.

Starting the season with a win is always a good thing for the Cowboys, but it also means this. Improve the Cowboys season-opening record to 38-19-1 and
home season-opening record to 18-9-1. Keep those win categories up, we're always for that.

Extend Dallas’ opening day record against the Giants to 9-1. This means the week one games in Dallas. If the Cowboys opened at home in week two or three against the Giants, this does not affect that record. So this record can increase to double digits if the boys get a W.

Finally, snap a three-game losing streak against the Giants. The most important one in my opinion. Starting this season with win would be huge against the opponent that had your number all year.

Kickoff is at 7 on Sunday Night Football. Pregame starts at 6 and remember you can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game in Wichita Falls on NewsTalk 1290. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this. I love dumb football trivia like this.

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