So we can flex games back a day? Alrighty then.

So I got up this morning and saw that the Cowboys game for this coming week was flexed. Which isn't shocking to me. The Eagles and Cowboys have both clinched playoff spots so moving this game out of the scheduled noon start time is no surprise to me. Typically games get flexed to 3:30 or even 7:25 for Sunday Night Football.

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The NFL has made the decision to 'flex' the Cowboys back a day. Now let's look at the positives and negatives to this. Negative, the Cowboys now have a shorter week. However, I think this is a positive going into the playoffs because I believe this means the Cowboys playoff game will be on Saturday (January 15th). This has not been confirmed by anybody, but it's just a theory I have.

We will see what happens this coming week after the Eagles game. I'm always shocked that any Dallas Cowboys rivalry game is not at least a 3:30 start time. Noon for a division game is so stupid. Friendly reminder another team has been added to the playoffs this season, so Wild Card weekend will now be even more wild.

Two games on Saturday and three games on Sunday that week. It's going to be a lot of fun. Remember you can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game in Wichita Falls on 106.3 the Buzz and NewsTalk 1290. If you want to hear me talk more about the Cowboys tune into the final Pregaming With the Boys this weekend at 5:30 on both stations.

The game will simulcast on television on ABC and ESPN.

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