What in the hell is going on with these creepy clowns? 

Don't have a lot of information on this one. Liveleak user: IceColdTexan1964 uploaded this video to his page. This happened early Sunday morning around 2 am. If you click on his location page, it appears he lives in the Abilene area. The security footage from his property shows the clown attempting to enter every door of the property.

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It also appears as if the clown is holding a knife. IceColdTexan1964 said this with his video. 'This morning I noticed my gate was open. I checked my surveillance cameras and found someone in a clown costume was trying to get into my house. I'm sure we would all be dead today if he was able to get in.'

But is it all staged? Many seem to think it's so. Here's a good case for that theory.

If these clown stories would stop, that would be cool with me. I am sure they're just going to increase the closer we get to Halloween.

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