Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband claims to be the victim of a conspiracy between Courtney Love and several others so they could gain possession of Kurt Cobain’s legendary acoustic guitar. Get the skinny on the Afternoon Buzz Rewind.

Also on this edition of the show:

  • A Texas Game Warden has been getting reports of rattlesnakes in and around people’s homes in the Wichita Falls area
  • The majority of Americans have had nightmares about work and I can’t wrap my head around the most common one being considered a nightmare
  • 8 Mid-Michigan schools closed yesterday due to “extreme” heat
  • A traffic stop in Wichita Falls last week led to the seizure of more than a quarter pound of methamphetamine
  • Sully Erna wants fans to be able to experience concerts as they should and not through their smartphones
  • Izzy Stradlin said his non-participation in the Guns N’ Roses reunion is due to not being able to reach a happy middle ground
  • Tommy Lee has once again put his house on the market

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