All though not official, many people believe tonight is the end of an era.

Tonight is not the final Mavs game of the season, but it is the final home game. The game doesn't mean a lot when it comes to the standings, actually, a loss would technically help out the Mavs lottery chances. Nobody wants that tonight though, many want Dirk Nowitzki to ball out and go out with a win.

Although Dirk Nowitzki has not announced he is retiring, many think this is it. Mainly because Dirk has said he would not want to do one of those 'farewell seasons'. Where everyone knows it is your last and they have a moment for you at every away venue throughout the season. So many think this is their last opportunity to see Dirk at the American Airlines Center.

Looks like Mavericks think this is it as well. Tonight they will be honoring Dirk with a lot throughout the whole night. Limited edition Dirk jerseys will be available at the game tonight and some concession stands will be bringing back the 'Dirk Burger' for tonight. A ceremony is supposedly planned as well after the game tonight.

In my opinion, Dirk needs to go down on the Mount Rushmore of Dallas athletes of all time. I think he has done a lot to help out the Mavericks on and off the court and the city of Dallas as well. Whatever Dirk's plans are after the season, I wish him the best. He has brought me countless memories for SEVERAL years now and he will most definitely be missed if he hangs it up.

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