It costs a little more money, but they say cars are slowing down more.

Over in Windcrest, Texas the local elementary school wanted to try something to slow down drivers outside of their school. Make it appear as if the crosswalk is floating, but in reality it is just paint. They found an artist named Ron Lemos to take on the job. He was able to pull it off and I think it looks amazing.

Adding the shading to the crosswalk gives it this 3-D look and the school says it's working. They say they have signs and crossing guards. Drivers would still speed through the school zone, but this seems to be a solution to deter speeders. The school says the crosswalk cost them $500 to do. Obviously more paint is needed to do this 3-D design.

Windcrest says they stole this idea from another state and as far as they know. They're the only ones to do this in Texas. The city says they plan to put more of these up in school zones in the next few years. Maybe Wichita Falls could use a couple of these.

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