The Dallas Cowboys are the NFC East Champions and they already secured the title before kickoff even happened.

I think the only way you can describe Dallas' win last night is to call it a shellacking. The definition for that is to "defeat or beat (someone) decisively". Yeah, the game got out of hand quick for Washington. Honestly, the only thing they did well in the game was stop Dallas on their first drive. Momentum swung quickly though back in Dallas' favor.

On their first pass of the game, Washington attempted to attack Trevon Diggs. Guess they forgot he is leading the league in interceptions. Add another one to the list, putting him on 11 for the year. He has now tied a Dallas Cowboys record for most in a season. By the way, that record was held in the 1981 season by Everson Walls. Everson actually got the record in the NFC Championship game picking off Joe Montana twice in that game.

The Boys have two more regular season games to add to that total and at least one playoff game by securing the NFC East last night. Due to a strength of victory tiebreaker, the Las Vegas Raiders win actually secured the Cowboys the East before kickoff even happened. The Cowboys also secured a playoff spot on Thursday with the Titans beating the 49ers.

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However, first place in the Conference is still possible. Remember, this season the first place team is the only one that gets a bye. So the Cowboys will still be pushing hard in these next two weeks. I guess you could say the remainder of the schedule is NFC East opponents if you have been a Cowboys fan for awhile now.

The Arizona Cardinals used to be a division opponent with the Boys, but when the league switched to eight, four team divisions in 2002, Arizona left to go join the NFC West. Friendly reminder the NFL has flexed that game from noon to 3:25. My favorite time for kickoff by the way. Hopefully I will see you next week for another Victory Monday. How bout them Cowboys!

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