Three people have sustained injuries and luckily no one was killed. Apparently, a water main burst causing the ceiling to collapse onto the crowd. 

Theory of a Deadman were playing at the First Avenue club in Minneapolis last night. Around 10 pm, while in the middle of the set, a 30 by 30 foot piece of the ceiling collapsed onto the crowd. Water had to be shut off after the collapse damaged pipes and authorities worked to evaluate the integrity of the 78-year-old building, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

"We have no idea why or how it happened," First Avenue GM Nate Kranz told the Star Tribune. "It was a terrible surprise." Two people were transported to Hennepin County Medical Center, the Minneapolis Fire Department said. Witnesses saw smoke and the sprinklers turn on before the ceiling at the rear of the dance floor came down, sending about 1,000 concert-goers into a panic.

Some patrons though thought the smoke was a part of the show and didn't think anything of it. The First Avenue Club has cancelled events the next two days. It doesn't sound like anybodies injuries are life threatening, but still a scary moment for everybody attending. I wish everyone in the hospital a speedy recovery.