I had to double check and make sure this was a man and not a seven year old.

In the words of Joe Pesci in 'Home Alone 2', 'nine year old's rob candy stores Marv.' Well, I guess not. Jesus Ibarra, is THIRTY FIVE years old and is stealing candy. I will give it to the man, he is stealing a significant amount.

Investigators began looking into the candy crook when a trucking outfit hired by Mars Candy Company contacted authorities after 7,500 pounds of defective candy scheduled for destruction went missing from a truck. My dad used to work for a distribution company and had the same kind of problem with people stealing defective equipment. That was appliances like fridges and microwaves. Not freaking candy.

Police found online ads offering bulk candy for sale both through a Facebook group and on Craigslist. Investigators then got a search warrant for Ibarra’s home. When they arrived on scene, police hit pay dirt.

"Investigators discovered the entire garage had been converted into a candy store with approximately 30 racks of candy in boxes, all of which were labeled with prices," cops said in a statement. Loss prevention employees from the trucking company identified the candy by its serial numbers.

The sticky-fingered candyman was booked into High Desert Detention Center Thursday with $50,000 and was released when he made bail later that night.