A woman in Burkburnett has been arrested in connection with a complex social media and text stalking scheme.

According to TRN, a couple notified the Burkburnett Police Department on October 16 of harassment that had been going on since August.

The man and woman had both been receiving text messages from various phone numbers claiming the man was involved in an extramarital affair. Some of the texts even contained pictures of the couple’s home.

In addition to the texts, a Facebook account was created featuring pictures of the man and his children and was made to look as though the man were cheating on his wife.

The harassment continued with obscene texts and pictures being sent to the wife after the couple filed the report. At one point, the husband found female underwear in their backyard with the wife later receiving texts regarding the undergarments. The woman also discovered a condom wrapper along with a woman’s tank top in their yard in early November.

The man’s boss was eventually pulled into the drama when he received text images of a man and woman having sex with a message saying, “This is very inappropriate for a city worker of our town to post and have on Facebook.”

The boss continued to receive lewd texts as did both the husband and the wife.

A detective was able to trace an IP address that lead to Superior Pallet Company in Burkburnett, which just so happened to be the place of employment of one of the suspects, 24 year-old Hilary Nicole Wheeler.

She denied involvement but the detective found her phone was linked to Superior Pallet’s WiFi and the phone number linked to the aforementioned Facebook account.

When all was said and done, the victims received a grand total of 147 texts and investigators believe she used an app that generates fake phone numbers for messaging.

Wheeler was charged with stalking and transported to the Wichita County Jail, but was eventually released on $25,000 bail.