A fight between two girls at Wichita Falls High School was caught on video recently.

The video was originally posted to the Rants and Raves of Wichita falls Facebook group. The mother of the girl who was attacked says her daughter did nothing wrong and that they notified the school two weeks before the attack because she had heard rumors that it was going to happen. The original poster of the video claims that school administration and police are not doing enough about the incident.

The video shows a girl in a white shirt walking up to another girl in a pink and grey shirt in the hallway. The two exchange a few brief words before the girl in white suddenly lands a right hook to the face of the other girl. The girl in white then drags the other girl to the ground by her hair and proceeds to punch her at least 15 more times before kicking her. There doesn't appear to be any teachers present in the 30-second clip of the one-sided fight.

When asked about the incident, WFISD Communications Officer Ashley Thomas said in a statement to TRN: "We can’t comment on student discipline. The administrators at the school are aware of the fight and the video and appropriate disciplinary actions were taken in line with the student code of conduct."