I had the pleasure to interview the guys from Bobaflex when they made a stop in Wichita Falls recently. Let's see how accurate that old Wikipedia page is. 

Bobaflex made their first-ever stop in Wichita Falls earlier this month and played at The Iron Horse Pub. They were kind enough to let me ask some questions and give us an acoustic preview of the show that night. You can watch the performance videos here.

I love this bit that Loudwire does called Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction. Basically, you go through a band's Wikipedia page and ask them what's true and fake on there. Remember, anybody can write whatever on a Wikipedia page. Turns out everything I talked about with the guys is totally true.

I want to thank Bobaflex again for stopping by the Buzz studio and showing us some love. If you want to check out more music from them, hit up their official website and be sure you keep an eye out for them when they make a stop in our neck of the woods again.

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