The Big Lebowski is very underrated movie in my opinion. If you have never seen it you got to check it out, but why not see how it would be made if it was on a Nintendo cartridge. Yeah you remember cartridges, right? If not, I feel sorry for you.

I spent a lot of childhood playing my original Nintendo entertainment system. Attempting to shoot those stupid ducks in duck hunt from my couch, but ending up having to stand a few feet from the TV to win. I remember my Nintendo console would never break, you just would blow in it and all your problems would be fixed.

The guys from 8 Bit cinema enjoy recreating some of their favorite movies in Nintendo form. This time they decided to do the cult classic 'The Big Lebowski'. Now I want to go get my Nintendo out of my closet and play some old school Super Mario Brothers.

Check Out the 8 Bit Version of The Big Lebowski Below: