It looks like a new scam is making it's rounds here in Lawton, Fort Sill so be aware and whatever you do don't fall for it. If you've been on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram lately you may have seen or heard about this. Hopefully you haven't been scammed already. It could cost you money, time and possibly your identity.

Scammers are calling random numbers and telling people that they've been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, that you've been identified through contact tracing and need to be tested. If you ask who you came in contact with who's been tested positive for Coronavirus they tell you that they cannot share that information due to HIPAA. The scammers advise that you must be tested immediately or face criminal charges.Then they ask for credit card or other financial information to pay for and mail a test kit to the residence. If you refuse or ask for more details they threaten you with calling the police. DO NOT give these people any personal, financial  or credit card information of any kind, this whole thing is a big scam.

They try to scare you with the virus and it that doesn't work the law. What they're really doing is trying to collect as much personal information as possible and credit card details so they can access your finances and steal your identity. So be very careful and don't volunteer any information or you'll be broke before you know it. If for some reason you are contacted by someone who says they're calling from a local, state or even federal agency or health department always verify before providing any information. If it sounds fishy, it is.      

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