The Clint Eastwood a Cinematic Legacy Exhibit in Dallas, TX. is a Must See for Every Fan
If you're a fan of Clint Eastwood you have to make the trip to Dallas, TX. and see the "Clint Eastwood a Cinematic Legacy" exhibit at the AT&T Global Headquarters at 208 S. Akard Street in Dallas, TX. It's set up inside the AT&T Discovery District and is FREE and OPEN to the public! It's an amazing collection of props, wardrobe, and other Eastwood artifacts on display celebrating Clint's 50 plus years of acting and directing movies.
Oklahoma Shark Attack Leads to Criminal Charges
Normally you wouldn't think about shark attacks taking place in Oklahoma, but that's exactly what happened in OKC. Jailers at the Oklahoma County Detention Center in OKC have been charged with abuse and cruelty for subjecting inmates to the sonic torture of "Baby Shark" played on loop.
Lawton Mural of Johnny Depp Characters is Going Viral
The Shaw Brothers' recent masterpiece is a HUGE HIT in Lawton, Fort Sill and in Japan! The new mural of John Depp featuring several of the characters he's played is being highlighted on a YouTube video in Japan. Our local murals are being enjoyed WORLDWIDE!
Limp Bizkit Cancel Rocklahoma Appearance
Well, we were all wondering about this and hoping it wouldn't happen, but Limp Bizkit have cancelled their appearance at Rocklahoma 2021. The announcement was made by festival organizers on Wednesday (08-25-21) on the official Rocklahoma Facebook page.
There May Be a Fireworks Shortage This Fourth of July!
Say it ain't so! Just when you thought things were improving and finally getting back to normal, more bad news from the pandemic surfaces. Makes you wonder "Will it ever end?" We just heard that there's a pretty good chance that there will be a serious fireworks shortage this Fourth of July. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed and even stopped production for several months and all the major manufactures are behind on orders and shipping. This means we may, or may not have fireworks this year.
Beware There’s a New Scam in Lawton
It looks like a new scam is making it's rounds here in Lawton, Fort Sill so be aware and whatever you do don't fall for it. If you've been on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram lately you may have seen or heard about this. Hopefully you haven't been scammed already.