So you want to be a 'Pokemon Go' master?

'Pokemon Go' is this new smartphone app where you walk around in the real world and catch Pokemon. So, you walk around Wichita Falls and all of a sudden a Pidgey appears. As a kid of the 90's, I love it.

This app is getting people up and active. Maybe exploring parts of Wichita Falls you have never visited before. I have no desire to go for a walk around my neighborhood, but now I do.

Here are some pro tips for places to go around town.

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    With this game you want plenty of space to walk around. A park is an absolute must stop. Plenty to try in the Falls. Lucy Park, Lake Wichita Park or Weeks Park.

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    It's summer and I want to go back to school? What the hell Pokemon Go? MSU has a lot of Pokemon to see around campus. They have five Pokemon gyms and many Pokestops. I'm sure Rider and Old High also have a good selection.

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    Churches are a Pokemon hot spot. Sometimes they're gyms or stores. Do not tell a priest I told you to be on your smartphone during Church. After service, see what's around your local church.

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    Honestly, I don't know how effective bars are. I definitely would love to do a Pokemon bar hop. Where you get a group of friends and go around to different bars to see what you can find. Plus, alcohol and Pokemon sounds like a blast.

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    Honestly, Anywhere and Everywhere

    Just walk around town, your neighborhood, hell where you work. Look at this Pidgey I found just outside the studio. Do not let this game take over your life. It's a great way to get exercise and you get to see Wichita Falls.

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