It's the battle in The Buzz studio.

Stryker and Johnny Thrash love sports. They disagree on only one thing, baseball. So it's time for a friendly bet. 

Johnny and I get along for most of the year when it comes to sports. We're both die-hard Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars fans. Then baseball season comes around and we enjoy some friendly trash talk when my team comes into town.

I grew up in Baltimore and the only team I had was the Orioles. Don't give me that crap about the Ravens. They didn't come around til 1996, by that point I was already a Cowboys fan. I am not a bandwagon fan that jumps ship like a lot of my friends did at the time. So I am Orioles til I die, even though I live in Texas now.

I have been wanting to place a bet with Johnny for a couple of years now and always forgot about it. Not this year. I have been wanting to get rid of this Texas Rangers pennant that is in the Buzz studio for awhile now. So if the Orioles take at least two games this weekend, the pennant gets to come down.

What happens if the Rangers take at least two? You have to watch the video above to find out. It's not good news for me though. So tune into the Orioles/ Rangers series this weekend to see what happens next week here at the Buzz.

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