Redskins fans enjoy your week. A tough loss for the Cowboys Monday night, but this moment after the game made me laugh a little bit.

Yeah the Cowboys lost last night, but seriously people calm down. Some of you last night sounded like you were going to jump off a building. The Cowboys are 6-2 and tied for first place in the NFC East. I know everyone would have loved a win against a rival before playing a very hot Arizona Cardinals team, but it's all good.

Well I am glad I didn't turn off my TV immediately after the game last night or I would have missed this funny moment. Colt McCoy was doing his post game interview with ESPN. After the interview, Colt went over to talk to the guys for ESPN Deportes. A couple of seconds into the interview, Colt was grabbed by a Redskins P.R. person and escorted into the locker room.

You can hear the ESPN Deportes anchor yell something to the guy and then he fires back with, "no means no" I don't know if it was because I was drunk last night, but I definitely let out a chuckle when it happened. Afterwards no means no was trending on Twitter.

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Check Out the Awkward Interview Below: