It was a fun evening in Austin, Texas. 

That is if your idea of a good time is watching and/or participating in a chaotic street brawl. Otherwise, you probably would have wished you just stayed home, had a few beers, and watched some Netflix. 

But that’s just how it goes in our state capital these days. It’s far removed from the days when hippies and cowboys alike could get along and enjoy great live music. Austin may be considered the live music capital of the world, but I like to refer to it as the fight capital of Texas.

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And that’s saying something. 

Folks here in the Lone Star State are known for being on the salty side. You don’t have to go far in this neck of the woods if you’re looking for a fight. But I feel like I say way more videos of chaotic street brawls in Austin than in any other Texas city. 

That said, I always take time to watch and share Texas fight videos I come across online. So yeah, I enjoy watching people throw down...from a safe distance. God forbid I get sucked into that nonsense as an innocent bystander. 

If that’s your thing too, sit back and enjoy a compilation of three street brawls out of Austin. One of which ends when an old boy tries to run from the cops and quickly finds himself on the wrong end of a taser.

Street Brawl in Austin Texas
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