I see these things selling very well in Wichita Falls.

Just a few weeks ago, Wichita Falls made national headlines. A woman was driving around in a Walmart electric scooter while drinking wine from a Pringles can. Some people tried to recreate this event in Austin. I even had some fun with it by offering what Wichita Falls' wines you should pair your Pringles with.

Looks like a Mississippi artist is trying to make some money off this little situation in Wichita Falls. The artist is known as TheCupArtistEtsy, guess what they do? They make custom Tumbler cups. She has released five different designs. Original in blue, original in red, ranch, salt and vinegar, and pizza.

The ones that look like actual Pringles cans are 20 oz Tumblers that cost $29.99. For five bucks more, you can get ones that are shaped like an actual wine bottle. If you scroll through her photos, you can see a pizza one shaped like a wine bottle. Seems like a good gag gift to give your friends in 2019.

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