A while back, Art of Dying started asking for photos of fans using the word “sorry” in their pic. They could hold a sign, they could write it on their body, whatever they found creative and fun. On Facebook, the band asked users to change their profile photo to their “sorry” pic, and the response was amazing.

Because of all the fans who took on the assignment, the band created a music video comprised of those photos. It’s an acoustic version of their current single “Sorry,” and is made up entirely of fan photos. Some of the images are really good, and some of them are a little ho-hum, but the concept is pretty cool.

Art of Dying has always been a very fan-driven band. They want to hear from their fans and interact with them, and if you’re at one of their concerts, you’re probably going to run into them at some point while they walk around the venue after their set. Giving back to the fans with this video is a smart move because it once again lets them know that the band is interactive, and keeps people interested.

Here’s the clip now. Did you participate?