The Longhorns were not messing around with coronavirus precautions. You had to get tested the day before to get tickets and some students came back with a positive test.

Last week we talked about the Longhorns and their plan for fans in the stands at their stadium. On Friday, you had to go get a complimentary, but mandatory coronavirus test. If you tested negative, your ticket would be emailed to you for Saturday. The stadium was only allowed to open at 50% capacity for the fans.

1,198 students were tested on Friday. The good news is that 1,103 tested negative. However, 95 people did test positive on Friday. Since the start of classes for the fall semester on Aug. 26, more than 300 students have tested positive for coronavirus, according to the university's COVID-19 dashboard. It is possible these tests could have been a false positives. However, the University is taking these cases very seriously.

The next Longhorns home game is October 3rd against TCU. No word on if testing will need to reoccur for those that already took a test. I would assume so since that game is almost a month away. We will see how the Dallas Cowboys handle having fans in the stands on Sunday for their home opener.

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