What the hell did I just watch?

Don’t get me wrong – I expect Alice in Chains videos to be trippy, but the video for ‘Rainier Fog’ takes the trip to a whole new level.

As best I can tell, the members of Alice in Chains (who, with the exception of Jerry Cantrell, are in disguise) adopt some sort of beer person after running over and killing its parents while cruising down the highway.

The beer person ends up running away after watching the guys knock back a few brews. It encounters some thirsty dudes while on the run, but is able to escape.

The beer person eventually finds its way back to the herd and the band just so happen to be there for a tearful goodbye to their new friend.

And apparently Bigfoot is tight with the beer person because we see him wandering around the woods in search of it throughout the video as well.

So, there ya go – it doesn’t make a lick of sense and I’m okay with it.

Watch the video here.