Airbourne will give us another dose of AC/DC worship when the new album Black Dog Barking drops May 21 and they've given us a little taste of what is to come with the lyric video for 'Live It Up'. Don't get me wrong now, AC/DC worship ain't a bad thing and to be perfectly honest I've liked Airbourne's first couple of albums almost as much as I have the great Acca Dacca's last couple of discs.

Here's what the band had to say about the new album:

A lot of thought and effort has gone into this record not only by the band, but by the production crew who worked countless hours, seven days a week, even through Christmas and New Year's Eve to achieve the best possible performances, backed by real undying tones. Now we're handing it over to you... so crank it up, crack a beer and stick some rock 'n' roll in your ear!

Well if they insist, I guess I'll have to go ahead and crack one and crank it. Check out the lyric video at this location.

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