Would love to hear the story of how this happened.

Over in Sugar Land, Texas locals happened to spot an alligator in Pumpkin Lake. An alligator is not news in this lake, but the gator clearly has what appears to be a steak knife stuck in their head. No word on if this was animal torture or if someone had to fight off the gator.

Barry Eversole, with the Fort Bend County Game Warden's Office, said a team found the alligator in the lake on Friday. The reptile may be removed and taken for observation depending on the severity of its injuries, Eversole said.

Hopefully, they can get the gator without it freaking out and lodging the knife further into its head. I know when you try to wrangle a gator, they roll. So this is going to be no easy task. Good luck to everyone that tries to capture what I am calling the Termigator.

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