Even though he’s never announced that he would be running for governor, a recent poll shows that many Texans think Matthew McConaughey could unseat Governor Greg Abbott.

The poll, conducted by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler found that 39 percent of registered voters would support McConaughey’s candidacy.

My gut tells me that he’s seriously considering making a run for governor. In fact, I think he’s testing the waters of a future in politics with a video he tweeted out on the Fourth of July.

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In the video, he stressed the fact that we were still a very young nation and are going through growing pains:

But let’s also remember that we’re babies as a country. We’re basically going through puberty in comparison to other countries’ timelines, and we’re going to go through growing pains. This is not an excuse, this is just the reality, and this is good because we gotta keep learning, we gotta keep maturing, we gotta keep striving, we gotta keep climbing, we gotta keep building.

Over all, his message was one of unification. The country is as divided as I’ve ever seen it and he’s trying to carefully play the middle in the clip, which is something that politicians on the left and the right apparently have no interest in doing these days.

All I know is that if I were one of the many career politicians who are looking to unseat Governor Abbott, I would hang it up and withdraw from the race the moment McConaughey announced his candidacy, because they don’t stand a chance.

In fact, if I were Governor Abbott, Matthew McConaughey would be the last person I would want to run against.

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