One of my favorite aspects of my job is that I get to pick the brains of artists from time to time and I was able to get one Mr. Dani Filth of Cradle Of Filth on the line for the November 26 edition of The Oath.

I've followed Cradle since the late 90's and although I only own a handful of their CD's I most certainly consider myself a fan of the band and was stoked to be able to interview Dani.

It's a rare occasion but every now and then I'll get somebody on the line that isn't exactly thrilled to be interviewed but for whatever reason decides to go forward with it anyway. That was definitely not the case with Dani...he was one of the coolest and most open people that I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing and seemed genuinely grateful to be a part of the show.

Some of the topics we hit on were the status of their upcoming orchestral album Midnight In The Labyrinth, the possibilities of the band touring behind said album and the new documentary "You Can't Polish A Turd. But You Can Roll It In Glitter".