A kid in Mexico got his first ticket last week, but it’s his age that’s so shocking. The boy is only 6, and he’s been ticketed with reckless driving, driving without a license, and not having his vehicle registered.

It started when Gael Noriega received a miniature gasoline powered motorcycle for Christmas. Just as kids do with trikes, bikes, and any other toy with wheels, he ran into an SUV. It’s not stated how much damage happened to the SUV, but when police caught wind of the wreck, they became involved.

That’s when they ticketed the boy and impounded the motorcycle. To make matters worse, they were asking for $183 to get it out of impound.

Karla Noriega, Gael’s mom, decided to take things public, and eventually the bike was released and the fines were dropped. They’re also saying the officers involved would be punished.

I’m not sure I would have bought my 6-year-old a mini motorcycle, because I know how kids don’t pay attention. Yet I can see the appeal of them, and I can imagine this child was thrilled to get a gift like that for the holidays. I guess my question is: Would you put your kid on a bike like this?

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