From poop water to red tacos, there's no denying Wichita Falls has its own thing goin' on. So, we figured we might as well throw together a few memes that celebrate life here in Fallstown.

The struggle is real, ya'll

Take cover....wait, no, never mind.


Nothing will get you in hot water with an Old High alum quite like mispronouncing their beloved mascot.

R.I.P. Funland.

It's long been common knowledge that US-287 is a major route for drug trafficking, but with all the weed busts here lately, we feel it's time for a more appropriate number.

Word has it, there's no shortage of freaky business going down in Lucy Park after the sun sets.

We sure hope AMC does some major cleaning when they take over the theater at Sikes Senter Mall.

Wichita Falls: flood, drought, repeat...

Anytime someone new comes to town, I be sure to point them in the direction of Casa Manana and their awesome red tacos.

Just like the rest of Texas, we take our high school football seriously here in The Falls and the annual Rider / Old High game is known to bring out the worst in people.

While the Waste Water Reuse Project has been dropped after last spring's flood, we know all about the extreme measures you gotta endure when water starts to run out.

There are times when I think a more appropriate name for our city would be Wind Tunnel Falls.

And it smells gooooooood.