UPDATE: EA Sports Gives Special Gift to Wronged 10-Year-Old Lions Fan

As a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, I seriously don't know which side to pick on this one.

The Dallas Cowboys had one hell of a playoff game this past weekend against the Detroit Lions. This video shows a different battle before the game that took place. A classic game of musical chairs. Now it was cold as hell in Arlington this past weekend, so ten year old Roman was wearing a jacket.

Underneath that jacket was a Matthew Stafford jersey. Roman clearly won his game of musical chairs, until someone notices that Roman is wearing a Lions jersey. The people running the contest scramble and probably thought, "Crap, we can't have a Lions fan win this." They redo the contest and the other kid wins this time.

The big prize was a brand new copy of Madden NFL 15 which is valued around fifty dollars. Instead, Roman was given a Batman the TV series DVD and a Led Zeppelin CD. Let's be honest, every kid his age wants the video game.

They should have just let the kid win the prize. He's only ten people. It's a freaking game of musical chairs. Superstitious people were probably thinking, if the Lions fan wins musical chairs, they're going to win the game. QUICK! Redo the contest.

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Check Out the Musical Chairs Contest Below:

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