If you’ve been thinking it’s about time to prank some of your friends or family, the Wichita Falls Derby Dames are preparing a prank war. For just a few dollars you can “skunk” those you love!

Between now and July 21, the Dames are taking orders to skunk yards. Here’s the low down:

For $20, you get a family of 12 “skunks” that will be placed in the yard of the person you want to prank. According to the WFDD Web site, “When you order a skunking, the Wichita Falls Derby Dames Skunk Patrol will deliver the skunks to the designated unsuspecting yard, usually arriving unnoticed, under the cloak of darkness.” Just imagine grandma’s face when she walks outside to get her morning paper and gets a greeting from your striped friends!

For some people, a family of 12 just isn’t enough. Double or even triple your order, and your unsuspecting victims will be greeted by a sea of black and white critters!

What if you don’t want your yard skunked? Purchase Anti-Skunking Insurance! For $10, you can ensure that your yard won’t be skunked.

If you’re skunking someone, you can choose to leave a note so they know exactly who got them, or you may remain anonymous if you want to keep that air of secrecy.

Starting on August 7 you’ll start seeing yards being skunked around town, so keep an eye out for them!

Interested in skunking someone? Get all the information you need on the WFDD Web site or visit them on Facebook, then sit back and enjoy the fun!