Hot Mess of the Day

Sick Burn Steve — Hot Mess of the Day
Location: 1st Spring Break, Cancun
Occupation: Freshman at Minnesota State
How This Happened: An unfortunate combination of irish heritage (fair skin) and irish heritage (alcohol consumption).
Likes: Beer, boobs and aloe vera...
Prodigy Pat — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Prodigy Pat
Location: Hartford, CT
Occupation: By day: Janitor at Hartford High School. By night: "Google Gatekeeper" at the Internet Nucleus Worldwide HQ, A.K.A. the Hartford HS computer lab, where he also lives, "for right now...
The Mousketeers — Hot Mess of the Day
Names: The Mousketeers (of Your Deepest Fears).
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupations: Co-owners of a local dog-walking and obedience training business.
Hobbies: Puppy play (playing with puppies), BDSM puppy play (Google it), weekly visits to Disneyland, obedience and agility traini…
The BakeN’Bra Brothers — Hot Mess of the Day
Names: The BakeN'Bra Brothers
Location: Traveling show.
Occupations: Performance artists/artisan bakers/babysitters-for-hire.
Hobbies: Playing human double dutch, eatin' their veggies and being supportive.
5 Things They Can’t Live Without: Art, carbohydrates…
Chilly Billy — Hot Mess of the Day
Names: Chilly Billy
Location: Baltimore, MD
Occupation: Guest Services at Best Western.
Hobbies:  I mean, it's pretty obvious. Not much time for anything else.
6 Things He Can’t Live Without: Ploppy, Sweepy, Cuddles, Tristan, Sorbet and Creamy (His 6 favorit…
Nana Necktats — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Nana Necktats
Location: Hell's Kitchen, NY
Occupations: Walmart greeter and prescription drug mule (primarily Cialis).
Hobbies:  Knitting, doom metal, baking with the grandkiddies, vandalism, collecting precious moments figurines, smashing precious moments figurines under…
Vulture and Pancake — Hot Mess of the Day
Names: Vulture and Pancake Marianelliolo-Manicotti-Stugots
Location: Deer Park, Long Island
Occupations: Tag-team duo of the Strong Island Gladiators, a local copycat league of the early 1990's TV show 'American Gladiators.' Matches are held every Friday at 8pm in the We…
Edna Scissorhands — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Edna Scissorhands
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Occupation: Freelance foot model, brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton (cease and desist order pending).
Hobbies: Shoe shopping, temporary tattoos and Angry Birds.
6 Things They Can’t Live Without: Foot rubs,…
Peaches N’ Creamy – Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Peaches N' Creamy (Shown above in reverse order)
Location: "Vegas. Well, a suburb of Vegas, temporarily."
Occupation: Freelance entertainment duo. Peaches is also a part-time counselor at Kiddie Tots Afterschool Play Emporium Timez...

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