Hot Mess of the Day

Comfy Carl — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Comfy Carl
Location: That poor woman's lap.
Occupation: The world's first cold-blooded, colorblind camouflage designer.
Hobbies: Chutes n' Ladders tournaments, mouthbreathing, and taking up a very small amount of space on the subway...
Rhonda and Rodney Rainbow — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Rhonda and Rodney Rainbow
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Owners and operators of Rhonda and Rodney's Rowdy Rickshaw - A bar pick-up service for the intoxicated and adventurous.
Spend Their Free Time: "I mean, getting into the costumes pretty much eats up most of t…
Larry Lechuga — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Larry Lechuga
Location: Just outside the fence at Disney's Epcot Center.
Occupation: Produce distributor and hug philanthropist.
Spends His Free Time: Scaring the ever-loving guts out of everyone he meets.
Interests: Face painting, his vintage Doc Martin collection, v…
Sharon & Gary — Hot Mess Picture of the Day
Names: Sharon ‘Shar’ and Gary ‘Gar’ Pendergast
Occupations: Shar- Assistant Manager at Pizza Hut Express. Gar- Retired 90′s hair model
Interests: Florida timeshares, nudist conventions, jewelry-making, funny/cute cat videos and RVs (We have four...
Homeless But Hip — Hot Mess of The Day
Name: Sassy Stanley
Occupation: Former aerobics instructor (forced into retirement) / current Jeff Bridges impersonator.
Interests: Retro clothing, Lebowski Fest, REO Speedwagon, sidewalk yoga, wedgies and Jazzercise.
Hobbies: Stretching, shopping, bulge rearranging, and walking because for some reaso…