At this point in the NBA season, every game is huge. Unfortunately the Mavericks got screwed over in a bad call to end the game. 

Try to remember a few months ago when I said the Mavericks got lucky at the end of a game with the Minnesota Timberwolves. I told you at some point in the season we would get a call very similar to this and we are owed one. Turns out that was Tuesday night when the Mavericks took on the Warriors.

I take pride in watching every sporting event when my teams are playing. With the exception of day games, I rarely miss a game. However with baseball season starting, Fox Sports Southwest has been playing the Rangers games. So the Mavericks go to the Dallas only station TXA 21. So die hard Mavericks fans like myself in Wichita Falls are left out. I did get to watch the Stars on this night however, so it was not a total loss.

My old roommate was at this game giving me updates every quarter and unfortunately he is a Warriors fan. I think he is a Warriors fan just to piss me off, but that's a whole different story. He let me know the Warriors won, but not how they won. They won the game by goal tending Monta Ellis on his shot.

If you watch the clip every Dallas Maverick is waiting for the call. Well the Warriors would go on down the court and Stephen Currey would hit the game winning shot. Well the league office came out with a statement saying this was goal tending and a foul should have been called.

This loss knocked the Mavericks down to the ninth seed knocking them out of the playoffs. Don't worry, seven games remain with a big one against the Clippers tonight. Remember, Rowdy, Loud, Proud and always be a Mavs Fan for Life! The goal tend takes place in the video at 1:58 mark.

Watch the Goal Tend Below: