A lot of people like to think they can pole dance, but it really is a fine art. The 2012 World Pole Dancing Championships took place this past week, and though Russians and Ukrainians dominated the top spots, you could find yourself there before you know it. The trick is learning to pole dance, and you can do just that using these simple steps.

With a ravishing beauty leading the way, you'll learn about proper set-up of your pole, what not to do prior to practicing, and just how many kisses over the shoulder you need to doll out before starting your routine. Additionally, you don't want to forget about the space between the pole and your feet – you don't want to invade the space of the pole.

Most importantly, though it isn't included in this how-to video, one should always approach the pole with confidence. Sure, you might end up on YouTube after you videotape yourself doing an enormous fail and falling on your head, but it's the way you handle that pole that will have people remembering you.

And, if all else fails and you find that you're a waste of a pole dancer, there's always happy hour at your nearest bar.