In New Zealand, their prostitutes seem to be getting creative. The town of South Auckland is blaming the ladies of the night as being the culprits behind street signs that have been wrecked over the past few months, claiming that those women are pole dancing, or “urban pole dancing” as some call it.

The act of urban pole dancing is taking street signs or pretty much any available pole and dancing as though they’re strippers in a night club. While some are sure to be a hit, it’s likely that just as many are a miss, but if it gets you a jon, who really cares?

In South Auckland, they’re saying that about 40 poles have been bent or broken in the past 18 months. The result is that it’s costing taxpayers money to replace or repair them.

Some people are questioning instead what the city is using to  erect their poles. Wendy Traskos is the founder of the U.S. Pole Dancing Federation, and she has this to say:

What exactly do they make their signs out of anyway in New Zealand? Tissue paper? This sounds crazy and maybe the city needs to rethink what they make signs out of, if a 125-plus pound woman is going to destroy it by doing acrobatics on it.

There’s no word on what exactly the poles are made from, but urban pole dancing is an art form just as pole dancing in a club is. The video below was shot in Manchester, England, where their poles seem to hold up well under the stress of women dancing on them. It gives a pretty clear idea of what you’d expect from urban pole dancing.

If you saw someone on the street doing this, would you stop to take photos?