If you’ve ever seen a great pole dance, you know that it’s not easy to do what these women do. They’re athletes who train to perfect their art, and even compete to show who’s best. The International Pole Sports Federation is currently trying to get pole dancing into the Olympics.

While my opinion won’t sway the vote of anyone who makes such decisions, I have to agree that it should in fact be an Olympic sport. Yes, it has a stigma attached that anyone who pole dances is a stripper, but as you and I know, that’s not always true. Women across the globe are learning the art form because it takes a lot more than a skimpy outfit to master that sliver of metal.

Women who pole dance competitively show amazing control of their entire body. There’s no way I would ever be able to grab onto a pole and stretch my body out to the side. Are you kidding me? Who can even do that? Yet these women can, it’s what they train for. They’re arching and bending and twisting and contorting in ways that most humans can’t, and I think they should be celebrated for it.

The UK recently had the 2012 Miss Pole Dance competition, and Sarah Scott took the title. Have a look at her video and see for yourself. It really is a thing of beauty.