Once again The Iron Horse Pub at 615 8th St. in downtown Wichita Falls has proven it is the premiere place to catch live music in the Falls. (Or as my roomate culver so eloquent put it, its the most pippiny poppitonist place for music jello-puddinpops in the state of Wichita Falls)  By the way, he is a weird guy.The Iron Horse is the place to be tonight for those of you who dig good old fashioned Rock n' Roll. John Tyler and the Northern Lights are gonna be taking the stage around 11 with Radio Republic opening up around 9. If you have never heard of the awesomeness that is JTTNL do yourself a favor Buzzhead and cancel your previous plans and hit up the Pub. I won't go so far as to say Jonathan Tyler is what rock has been missing, but they definitely bring back the soul of the genre. Maybe even a little bit of blues for good measure. Here is a little tastey taste.