Right when metal was switching to what today is called  “hair metal” my career took a turn. I took a job doing a morning show at a “classic rock” station in Austin. I did not enjoy the music there (and I think that was apparent) and I did not enjoy what was happening elsewhere. I guess it was kind of like the “lesser of two evils” to be thrust into the world of classic rock and be able to avoid the Poisons and Trixters of the world. I DID get to enjoy a few of the early bands like Ratt and Quiet Riot. More after the jump.

Now Blabbermouth is reporting that the main two boys from Ratt (Stephan Pearcy and Warren DeMartini) have just finished up some work with Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters). What could this project be?  All we know at this point is it isn’t for any Ratt record.  So what is Dave up to?  Dave has a full on metal band by the name of Probot. Could he be bringing in the Ratt boys for his metal project, or could this be something all new?  This is not only bizarre news but bizarre timing as the Foos are still riding the wave of their current record.  Stay tuned kids, this could be interesting.