It is time once again for the indisputable list of all lists: The Real Five. The Real Five is called such because it isn’t a matter of opinion, it based on real airplay. We have records of what we’ve played going back twenty years or more (the computer age). So take your guesses as to what the most played Foo Fighters songs are, then click through to check out the answers and a video or two!

First off, this list was pretty clear cut with the number six and seven songs back, so this top 5 is even more indisputable (if that is possible). It’s also interesting for some of you newer listeners to note, the Foo Fighters weren’t immediately popular., they had a “post-grunge” sound at a time when grunge was still happening so their earlier stuff isn’t very well represented. Here you go.


5. Everlong.  It’s my favorite Foo’s track and I’ve heard David Letterman say the same thing.  Off of “The Colour And The Shape” , it was the second track released from that album.

4. Learn to Fly.  Jumping ahead to the 1999 “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” album, “Learning to Fly was the lead track and America finally started embracing the Foo Fighters wholeheartedly.  This track went all the way to 1 on the alternative charts but only number two on the mainstream charts.

3. The Pretender. “Echos, Silence, Patience and Grace” dropped in 2oo7. By this time the Foos were established “hit makers” and this song was one of their biggest. The song was the Foo Fighters second mainstream number one, their first one “Best Of You” didn’t even crack this top five (it would have been six).

2. Times Like These. It was one of those tracks that seemed to be used in every t.v. and movie commercial. The song just hit some kind of emotional note in 2002 and was the second track from the album “One By One”

1. All My Life.  The lead track from the album “One By One” was so big, it probably partially stunted the growth of “Times Like These”.  In my records this song was not only their biggest but it was played almost twice as much as number two.  So, if you’re looking at airplay, there is no doubt what-so-ever that the number one song in the Foo Fighters “Real Five” is “All My Life”.