For those of you like myself that dug the songs from the Death Magnetic sessions that didn't make the cut but were released as a digital EP, Beyond Magnetic in the wake of Metallica's 30th anniversary shows will be glad to know that you'll be able to own a physical copy of that bad boy January 31.

The set consists of four tunes - "Hate Train", "Just a Bullet Away", "Hell and Back" and "Rebel of Babylon" and will probably sell for well under ten bucks so if you're like me and insist on owning physical copies it shouldn't do much damage to the ole wallet.

I personally thought the songs were pretty good but at times I could see why they didn't make the cut as they don't maybe fit in with the tracks that made it on Death Magnetic. But what the hell...we've got 'em now right?

But it does make me wonder if they have goodies in the vault from the early days. THAT would be awesome to hear.