Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Ron Howard (always “Opie” to some) has optioned the fourth book in the “Lestat Saga” for a possible movie release. This movie could be a real prize for an actor to score.


The story finds Lestat missing his “human” life. When given a chance to switch bodies with a psychic, he goes for it. The problem is, the psychic runs off with Lestat’s immortal body and Lestat has to fight to get it back.

The book, despite the extra high concept, was thrilling and funny. I STILL remember the prissy Lestat having to take his first dump after being a vampire for centuries. Anyways, imagine your favorite two actors pretending to switch bodies (not unlike Nic Cage and John Travolta switching faces in “Face Off”). This could be a cool project if it gets off the ground.