If you get excited about facial hair, then I have a treat for you! Portland will be hosting the first ever International Mustache Film Festival, which will take place just before the 2012 Stache Pag. Yes, guys, this is a pageant for you.

The rules for entry into the film festival, which takes place March 30th, are relatively simple. The flicks must be 8 minutes or less in length, and must be mustache-themed or involve a main character with a mustache.

As for the pageant, there aren’t too many rules.

This year's 2012 Stache Pag will feature contestants wearing all manner of mustaches, from handlebars to horseshoes, Callanan, [head of No Umpbrella Media,] said. There are also the walrus and Fu Manchu styles, he said.

"It's just about men expressing themselves," he said.

If you want a taste of the pageant festivities, click on the video below. It’s pretty awesome, and a great way to celebrate men who express themselves!