Here's something you may never have thought of while you where in school learning about the moon and outer space. You're an astronaut, you're in space and it's time to take the Browns to the Super Bowl. So where do you go to the bathroom? Okay, you may have thought about it but have you heard the answer? Now days NASA has special space toilets that get the job done but, during the beginning of space exploration the Apollo missions had a very different process.

They had to poop in bags. Now when your in space, how much weight is on board the spacecraft matters a whole lot. Especially when you're on the moon. Too much weight and you may not be able to come home. So before leaving the moon the astronauts left anything they no longer needed on the surface and that included their bags of feces - among other things.

Watch the video to find out even more about going potty in space. It's pretty interesting.

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