If you’re looking for great barbecue, you’re in the right place.

We Texans take a lot of pride in our food. Everyone I know owns a grill at the very least, and most of us have a smoker. Backyard barbecues are life in our neck of the woods.

But what about those times when you’re craving barbecue, but don’t have time to babysit a smoker all day?

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The great thing about the Lone Star State is that you don’t have to go far to find great barbecue. You can damn near just stand on your front porch and throw a rock and you’ll hit a barbecue joint.

Reader’s Digest recently published its report on the best sandwich in every state and to no one’s shock whatsoever, the beef brisket sandwich is the top in Texas. Personally, I prefer chopped brisket when it comes to sandwiches, but sliced is a-okay too.

So, that got my ol’ gears to grinding (which isn’t hard to do considering the fact that I usually think with my belly). I figured I would do the folks here in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area a solid by providing a few ideas the next time they’re craving a barbecue sandwich, or, well, barbecue in general, for that matter.

So I put my fingers to work over on Yelp and searched for the 10 best locally-owned barbecue joints in Wichita Falls. The best part is that I actually learned of a couple of places I still need to try.

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