This is unbelievable! Competitive eater Molly Schuyler from Bellevue, Neb., ate not one, but TWO of the 72-ounce steaks that Amarillo's Big Texan restaurant is famous for this weekend!  Schuyler said her light Sunday dinner of 9 pounds of meat came several hours after she finished a breakfast of waffles and oatmeal. What's really impressive, though, is that Molly finished both steaks in less then 15 minutes, and the first steak in just 5 minutes. That is unheard of!


Joey Chestnut better watch our for the name Molly Schuyler. This small little petite woman just proved that size doesn't matter when it comes to who can take on the steak challenge at the Big Texan.

Molly said that she also ate 363 wings in 30 minutes at a competition in Philadelphia.

Molly's advice to people who want to try the challenge is to “Just be careful when you eat steak,” she said. “It’s a very chokeable food!” Molly looks forward to returning to the Big Texan and eating THREE 72-ounce steaks next time!

Congrats to Molly Schuyer for breaking the single AND double steak record at the Big Texan!

Check out our exclusive interview with Molly below:

Big Texan 72 oz steak
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Molly Schuyer Finishes Two 72oz Steaks at Big Texan
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